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Las Campanas 2020 Rose

Las Campanas 2020 Rose

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Las Campanas was founded in 1864 and is the oldest winery in Navarra, located in Northern Spain near the famous town of Pamplona. This is where the famous running of the bulls takes place. We think making wine is much safer. The estate is part of the huge Manzanos Company with holdings all over Spain, many of which are in the most prestigious wine areas. Campanas alone has more than 1100 acres of vineyards. The vines are typically 15-20 years of age except the Grenache plot, from which our selection hails. It is over 35 years old and accounts for the tremendous depth in this selection. Campanas is the first winery in Navarra to make a rose. Maybe it's the age of the vines, or maybe it was the history of the winery, but whatever it is, this is nothing short of a spectacular wine. The depth and complexity is amazing, but not surprising since Grenache, known as Garnacha, is a Spanish original. They take great pride in their indigenous grapes and it is certainly well-deserved here. Our selection is a rose the likes of which we have not encountered. There is weight and body to it, yet it is not overbearing. We loved the presence and flavors which kept the party going. There is a subtle explosion of peach and apricot followed by a citrus kick that excites every pore it anoints. The delicate finish with its swatches of orange peel and lime is a perfect foil for chicken and sausage gumbo or shrimp etouffee.

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