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Tre Pini 2020 Primitivo

Tre Pini 2020 Primitivo

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Tre Pini's 'Piscina Delle Monache' Primitivo 2020 is an explosive and supple red wine crafted from 100% Primitivo grapes, known as the Italian cousin of Zinfandel. It offers a rich palate with a delightful blend of spice and black fruit flavors, complemented by hints of oak from months of aging. This wine is full-bodied and delivers a complex yet approachable taste profile. Notes of red berries, chocolate, and a pinch of pepper create a harmonious experience. It pairs wonderfully with traditional dishes, pastas, meats, and grilled cheeses, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

  • Appellation: Puglia, Italy
  • ABV: 16.0%
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