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Vintners Series Membership

Vintners Series Membership

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Expand your palate with our Vintners Series. Embark on a tasting adventure as we unveil two unique bottles every month.  Uncork handpicked wines that are easy to drink, and fun to learn about. Explore the diverse world of winemaking styles and taste the unexpected, from classic regions to hidden gems.
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  • Pick your preference

    Red, white, or mixed! You'll also get a surprise pick from us every now and then.

  • Sharing?

    Choose a six bottle shipment and always have great wine on hand.

  • Receive and enjoy!

    New seasonal wines every month for all your upcoming occasions.

"Every month I have something new and fun to bring to my friends and enjoy. We've loved the selection and delivery day is my FAVORITE day of the month!"

- Wendy B.

What to Expect

Embark on a wine adventure with new wines and themes in every wine club box

Wine of the Month Club has always been focused on quality and ease of access to wine by bringing wine to your door decades before anyone else did.
We still abide by these principles and focus each month on bringing you GREAT tasting wines that match the season and what you're likely enjoying activity wise.
Be on the look out for our periodicals coming soon with wine guide booklets, pairing resources and more, exclusively for to our club members!


Wine Club FAQs

Is this a wine subscription?

Yes! When you place the order, you're opting into a subscription at the frequency you chose with the number of bottles you choose. For example, if you choose 3 bottles/every Month you will have 3 bottles delivered every month. You have the option to login to your account and adjust frequencies, the number of bottles, pause, or cancel shipments at any time, no strings attached.

Who is Wine of the Month Club?

Founded in 1972, by Paul Kalemkiarian, The Original Wine of the Month Club® started as a Southern California brick-and-mortar store with a focus on value-priced wines that over-delivered on quality.

As word spread and demand grew, Paul would load his truck with hand-picked favorites and deliver to locals each month. The rest, as they say, is history.

Over the years, as WOMC became the model by which all new wine clubs were built, WOMC stayed true to its roots: helping you find the right wine, at the right price.

Which wine club is right for me?

Think about how often you're enjoying wine and with how many people. Do you live alone and love to cook? The 2-3 could be perfect!

Do you host weekly Bachelor wine watch parties with your girlfriends? 6 sounds more up your alley!

You subscription is flexible so don't stress if you're unsure, you can always update it later!